My aim in photography is to develop my visual expression through scenes of everyday life set in a peculiar atmosphere, sometimes on the verge of strangeness. A cosmic vision that explores the landscape as well as the human in his personal environement. In my practice, I combine diverse mediums such as sound and video, to create for the viewer a holistic cinematographic experience made of pure plastic sensations and extra visual emotions. My intention is to sublimate the ordinary and define my own narration of what so-called "reality".



Exhibition of “Mark” at studio f/16, Paris (december 2018)

Exhibition of “Laniakea” at Beirut Art Fair with ARTLAB (september 2018)

Exhibition of "Laniakea" at ARTLAB in Beirut, Lebanon (june 2018)

Projection of "Distortion" at the 2017 edition of the short films festival of Pontault-Combault

Installation and projection of "Distortion" at the 2017 edition of UMAM’s 70th anniversary (Mediterranean Union of Modern Art)

Installation and projection of "Distortion" at the 2016 edition of Les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert



May 2018 : one month residency at ARTLAB in Beirut, Lebanon

April 2018 : one month residency for the Superior School of Fine Arts in Nantes Metropolis for the Art-residency Fieldwork Marfa, Texas, USA


Publications : Laniakea exhibition at ARTLAB, Beirut

Nice-Matin : Nicolas Hermann, du lycée à Menton à l'exposition mentonnaise

Costa Azzurra : Umam, al via il terzo atto a Mentone

La Strada : Le monde ou rien

Radio Agora Côte d'Azur : Distortion aux 70 ans de l'UMAM

Alter Ego Portrait : The dark side of a real estate agent

Alter Ego Magazine : Ten off-moments from Distortion

Distortion's festival : Distortion from a french angle

Top photography films : Poetry and Enigma

Leica Blog : Pursuing emotions in New-York city

Latences magazine #5 : Soy del pueblo, pueblo soy

Leica Blog : Incredible India part one & Incredible India part two




Workshop with Akina Books at VOID : participation in a seven-days workshop to produce a dummy book

 Workshop with Evangelia Biza at Evangelia Biza Bookbinding : participation in a one-day workshop on handmade paper



Workshop with Michael Ackerman at Eyes in Progress : participation in a four-days workshop on introspective photography

Workshop with Richard Dumas at Eyes in Progress : participation in a four-days workshop on portraiture



Workshops with Pierre-Olivier Deschamps at Stage photo Paris : participation in a two-days workshop on studio and outside portraiture  & one-day workshop on urban landscape



Workshops with Hergo : participation in a one-day workshop on analog photography bases  & one-day workshop on darkroom